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Creating special moments


Congrats! You're going to tie the knot, and what better way than with bespoke bar! We work with you to create the drinks package of your dreams! From welcome drinks... To the full package.


Thirsty music lovers like nothing better than a great selection of drinks which suits the mood! Maximise enjoyment with drinks that can be tailored to specific requirements.


We cater for any occasion, from private parties, food fairs, local community and corporate events. We can serve thousands of people so no need to worry about numbers!

Bespoke. Unique. You.

How it Works?

We can tailor packages to suit you! You can hire us for a sensible fee of £300 (non-refundable), and options can be tailored towards your requirements! Great for Weddings, Festivals, Private Parties, Food Fairs, Local Community or Corporate Events.

Number 1

Cash bar (or card)

We can operate as a cash bar…each guest pays for their own drinks


Number 2

Create a bar tab

We can set a bar tab up for you and we can serve drinks up to that limit and then convert into a cash bar for additional drinks.

Number 3

Pay for select drinks

You can pay for a set amount of drinks selected. For example 200 beers, 150 glasses of prosecco etc.


Number 4

Open bar

We can serve an open bar and you settle up post your event (security holding deposit required)


Questions? Answers.

Yes, you can request specific drinks for your event. For example if you were having a Gin themed night, we could do specialised Gins.

Yes, we have loads of non-alcoholic options.

When you enquire we will talk about your requirements. We have various offers, available on request!

Yes, we have a venue. We can help with the full package of marquees, catering and bars even loo’s or just the venue….we are here to help.


What people say

Buckabar was the star of our event. They provided loads of different drinks options & the team are very friendly. It was a pleasure to have worked with them.

Colin Williams

We hired Buckabar for our recent Christmas market & we would recommend to anyone! Fun, quirky & also provided music too!

Amy Georgy

5/5 - we hired Buckabar for our wedding & they went above & beyon to make sure all our guests had the best night! Definitely recommend for weddings!

Adam Park

It starts with a chat

Let us know what your requirements are and we’ll get back to you.

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